New Energy Utilization

Multi-utilization of natural gas as the core of new energy segment of Bestway Group, has major business at land based natural gas utilization and value-added services, marine based natural gas utilization technology development and promotion. Relying on the accumulation of technology and experience from the LNG carrier and LNG fueled ships projects, which carried out by the group during the past years in design and building, as well as the ability of system configuration, the segment is setting up a business chain of purchase, distribution, storage, transportation, gas filling and bunkering etc., to promote the natural gas multi-utilization market in marine aspect.

Natural Gas Utilization

The sole subsidiary of the Bestway Group, Shanghai WoJin Natural gas utilization company, business scope covers natural gas purchase, sales, storage, transportation, LNG filling station construction and operation , gas filling for vehicle and ship, distributed energy operation, EMC for LNG utilization etc, Wojin has her own natural gas station and gas auto truck fleet. WoJin Natural Gas Utilization insists on creating a gas utilization and value-added service chain, land based and marine based, in the river and coastal area of china.

Ding Chuan Environmental Science & Technology

With environment protection and human health become hot topic in the recent years, energy saving and efficiency increasing is listed as key research topic in the Marine and Shipping industry. With the purpose of improving the working reliability of diesel engine, increasing the using efficiency of diesel oil, in the meantime, to decrease the environment pollution, Shanghai Ding Chuan Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd provides the customer the optimized energy solution based on the technology of Envirtechster fuel homogeneous machine,which prevents the mechanic breakdown due to usage of inferior fuel, saves handling cost and increases fuel utilization ratio as well as benefits the investment.

Green Power Shipping

In order to promote the applying of LNG power boat in the river and drive the upgrading of the river transportation boat in Shanghai, Green Power Shipping Co., Ltd was founded in May 2014, with the guideline of boosting the construction of Green Shipping and decreasing the shipping running cost. Green Power Shipping Company has the largest LNG fuel fleet in China, professionally engaged in domestic shipping service with green power. The company also offers service of ship management, ship maintenance, crew training for LNG power ships. With bright picture in the industry, the new developed LNG power river boat has the advantage of environmental-friendly, security use, economic cost, convenient supply and mature technology, which owns great economic and social benefits.


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