Marine & Offshore Engineering Comprehensive Technical Services

Shanghai Bestway dedicates to provide high-quality products and diversified design service to all different clients all over the world. She is famous in the industry for her abundant experience in ship design and ship building. An internationalized technical team could make good communication with clients. Full in-house ability and integrated resources to provide strong support and perfect services for clients. Her business scope mainly covers marine and offshore engineering design, ship decoration service, yacht design, engineering supervision, engineering EPC service, luxury yacht & public service boat manufacture, etc.

Marine & Offshore Engineering Research & Design

Shanghai Bestway is the company specialized in marine and offshore engineering research and design, her design products covers all kinds of Merchant Ship, Passenger Ship, Public Ship, Marine Engineering Ship and marine engineering Structures. Shanghai BESTWAY is a national-classed High-Tech Enterprise with design qualification of ships and offshore facilities certification from CCS in China. The Marine Engineering Design Center and Offshore Engineering Design Center both provide complete technical service package including concept design, contract design, basic design, detail design and production design as well as flexible and fast service mode. Shanghai Bestway conducts extensive technical cooperation and exchanges, and actively develops forward-looking new ship type with introducing advanced foreign concept..

Marine and Offshore Engineering Supervision and Technical Consultancy

Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Supervision Development Co., Ltd gains national certificate for equipment supervision unit and Shanghai engineering equipment supervision certificate (A-grade).Meanwhile, the company is the member of CAPEC as her vice-director-general unit. The company has a supervision team of more than 110 engineers, 31 registered supervisors and 30 of them are national registered supervisors. Bestway Engineering Supervision has won praises and good reputation from clients by her quality policy of pursuit of perfect service.

Ship & Ship Interior Decoration Engineering EPC Service

Shanghai Bestway Marine Technology Development Co., Ltd, a unit of Bestway Group takes business of ship building engineering package contracting services, ship decoration, and marine equipment import and export, logistics etc. The contracted projects of the company includes one piece of pilot mother ship for Shanghai Harbor, two pieces of 6000HP MPSV, three pieces of 800P commercial automobile carrier, one piece of 28,000cum LNG carrier etc., as well as some cabin decoration engineering of different ship types. The company has owned the acceptance and appreciation of the clients and the market for the quality and service.

Yacht Design

The Yacht Design Dept. obeys the route of “introducing, applying, re-innovating”. Through the deep cooperation with famous European shipyard, Shanghai Bestway introduces complete production drawings and building craftsmanship. By continuous applying the technology, Shanghai Bestway independently has designed and developed first-class yacht worldwide. She takes full use of the advantage of the cooperation between foreign companies, and ensured the utilization of introduced technology.
In the meanwhile, based on the reliable, practical and economic design, Shanghai Bestway introduces art and comfortable concept. In accordance with the auto design procedure and methods, she strengthens the research and development of exterior and interior design as well as Human Engineering. Hand drawing solution is listed as prior sector of the project research design, so that it can ensure the basic visual effect of exterior and interior design. Throughout establishing clay model design, Shanghai Bestway conducts detail research on the exterior and units. She takes consideration of human dimension database into designing every detail, in order to ensure the clients of the best and most comfortable experiencing in the tiny space on board.


Design & Engineering EPC Service
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