Enterprise Culture

“Coffee” Culture, Warming Heart

As a young public listed enterprise, the employees in Shanghai Bestway come from famous domestic design house, shipyard and shipping business. Although the employees have high professional standard, rich experience and excellent working attitude, in order to achieve integrated team work effect, they need to adapt to each other. Due to this reason, the company purchased several automatic coffee machine and introduced “ Bestway Brand Coffee”. To get a cup of aromatic coffee, the coffee bean is supposed to be grinded firstly, and then brew-up with some milk and sugar in certain proportion. Similarly, it requires not only the staff’s enthusiasm and creation, but also a harmonious working environment to develop the enterprise.
The coffee is sweet and bitter, which inspires people to move forward. On the way to resolve the technical difficulties, coffee is keeping accompany with Bestway staff. Each employee drinks coffee together with the management, when they communicate, research and discuss the daily work and technical difficulties. Meanwhile, all the visitors to Bestway are offered with Bestway coffee to experience the warm hospitality of the company.
Bestway coffee is warming the heart of the staff and the visitors. Combined with the traditional Chinese business philosophy—“Faith can Move Mountains”, they form Bestway’s unique enterprise culture,” Coffee” Culture. Under the circumstances of it, the staff are getting well along each other and achieving stronger cohesion. It also help the communication between the management and the personnel.
Bestway is people oriented. The people in Bestway give full scope to the talents. As we all know, the talents are the most competitive resources to the enterprise. As a young comprehensive integrated technology service enterprise, it’s a long term and most important basic work for Bestway to establish the team of elites in accordance with” Coffee” Culture.