Successful Commencement of 350 Feet Liftboat

On 1st July 2015, the 350 Feet Liftboat designed by Shanghai Bestway was successfully commenced in Qingdao Haixi Heavy-Duty Machinery Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Haixi). Mr. Michael Amtmann, China General Director of the owner Zakher Marine International Inc.; Mr. Ma Juyong, Deputy GM of Wuhan Marine Machinery Plant Co., Ltd (WMMP); Mr. Sun Guoqing, GM of Qingdao Haixi; Mr. Xu Haihua, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co., Ltd( Shanghai Bestway) and other leaders from related companies attended the commencement ceremony.
WMMP has signed a turnkey contract with Zakher Marine International Inc., Abu Dhabi owner, to build 3 types of liftboats. WMMP requests Shanghai Bestway to take on the basic design and detail design work. Shanghai Bestway signed Technology Service Contract with WMMP for designing the SE-350LB liftboat.

The 350 feet liftboat with four legs was independently researched and designed by Shanghai Bestway, which is capable of navigating in unrestricted navigating area. It’s mainly used to provide equipment maintenance, accommodation and goods supply for the offshore oil production platforms and drilling rigs. The liftboat has the length of 82.30m, molded width of 44m and depth of 6.50m, while the design draft is 4.05m. The whole liftboat is equipped with three stern azimuth thrusters and three bow tunnel thrusters, which reaches level of DPS-2 and requirements of 250 personnel’s daily life and accommodation. The Jack-up system utilizes the form of triangular truss as well as jackup system with gear and rack. The length of the leg is 110m with VDL(variable deck load) of 2000 tons. Its deck working area reaches 1400 m², whose maximum operating water depth is 80m. These liftboats are classified into three types. Type A is equipped with two 190-tons LECs in the stern, while type B is equipped with two 300-tons LECs and type C with one 400-tons deck crane.
The design of the 350 feet liftboat applies the most advanced technology in domestic offshore equipment industry, whose abilities of offshore operation, maintenance and platform supply reaches the leading standard in China, meantime, the advanced standard worldwide.
In order to fit the marketing needs in the recent years, Shanghai Bestway established the current Platform Project Dept. by combining professional offshore engineers from the industry and overseas with core staff from each section of original offshore design center. Its main job is to design domestic and worldwide deep water platforms. Since the establishment in last year, the Platform Project Dept. has won a series of design offers including liftboat, Self-elevating wind turbine installation platform and Self-elevating Gravel Pile Construction Unit.
The contract of 350 feet liftboat marks an important and solid step of Bestway in forwarding from shallow water to deep water in offshore design.

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