Successful Launching of 28000 m³ YinTai Type LNG Carrier

201401012The 28000 m³ YinTai Type LNG Carrier independently developed by Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co., Ltd was successfully launched and came into the stage of dock outfitting and equipment testing recently. Shanghai Bestway Marine Technology Development Co., Ltd is the general contractor of this project, while COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Group Co., Ltd is its builder.
The 28000 m³ YinTai Type LNG Carrier is with the overall length of 176.8m, molded breadth of 27.6m, molded depth of 18.5m and design draft of 7.8m, whose service navigation speed is 16 knots. It gathers the most advanced current technology of LNG Carrier worldwide. It’s a small and medium size LNG carrier applying C type liquid cargo hold and propulsion system of duel fuel engine. The liquid cargo handling system applies international leading technology, which realizes the security, reliability and high efficiency of the cargo transportation.  The carrier is equipped with duel fuel engine driven CPP (Controllable Pitch Propeller) propulsion system, which feeds on diesel and evaporation gas of LNG during the transportation. The usage of LNG evaporation gas effectively reduces the energy loss and environment pollution, which improves the EEDI and realizes the target of environment protection. It guarantees the significant saving of energy when achieving same economic benefits compared with normal carriers. This carrier completely meets Green Ship II standard of CCS, which is a good demonstration of utilizing LNG clean energy in transportation and logistics field in China.

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