Strongest Voice in the Environmental Era—The Delivery of the First Purely LNG-Powered Boat in China

On March 18th 2015, the delivery ceremony of the first pure LNG power boat in China by Shanghai Bestway as well as technology promotion meeting was held in Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province. At the witness of officers from CCS, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, CSA Changjiang Branch, Jiangsu Maritime Safety Administration, Zhenjiang Transportation Bureau, Yangzhong Municipal Committee and local government, and media such as China Ship News, China Transport News, China Water Transport, Shanghai Bestway Marine Technology Development Co., Ltd, Green Power Shipping Co.,Ltd and Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd signed the delivery documents of “Green Power 6002”.

Following the step of the era, Shanghai Bestway Group has successfully designed real green ship which is of advanced performance, environment protection and zero emission.  Mr. Liu Nan, the Chairman of Shanghai Bestway introduced that in order to response to the national’s call of “Gasification on Yangtze River” and “Development of Green Shipping”, Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.,Ltd has worked on the market survey and technology research on LNG-powered boat since 2010. In April 2014, Shanghai Bestway started the design and construction of the first batch of purely LNG- powered river cargo barges demonstration project in China. Shanghai Bestway planned to invest in building two hundred LNG-powered river cargo barges, which is made up of one hundred barges of 600 tons, fifty barges of 800 tons, and fifty barges of 1000 tons, all registered in CCS. On Aug 1st 2014, Shanghai Bestway signed general contract. Since Aug 8th 2014, Shanghai Bestway started the construction of the first barge in different batches. The barges were continuously launched since Jan 5th 2015. During this period, the barges successfully passed the technology assessment organized by China Waterborne Transport Research Institute. In the meantime, Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd was registered in the list of fixed shipyard for demonstration vessels in Jiangsu province. On March 5th 2015, “Green Power 6002”, as the first purely LNG-powered river barge, won success in its trial. All its technology index met the design demand and it got Certification of Class Society.

The barge is equipped with LNG-powered engine as propulsion main engine, which realizes 100% of fuel substitution rate. The weighted calculation index of NOx meets the requirements of “The ministry of transport’s notification about technology assessment and approve rules of river demonstration boat”. Its engine exhaust gas purifier has effectively controlled the emission index of hydrocarbon. With the purifier, the emission of carbon dioxide is decreased by 25%, while the emission of NOx is decreased by 90%. Besides the emission index of SOx, PM2.5, oil wastewater and domestic wastewater is zero, which helps the barge become real green boat. These green power river barges will be used in the cargo transportation on river net of Yangtze River Delta such as Suzhou River and Huangpu River, which will show positive demonstration effect and promote the green shipping development in China.

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