New Environmental-Friendly “Emerald” to China Ship Database

On May 27th, Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co., Ltd held press release meeting for “Emerald 39000DWT Green Bulk Carrier trial result report” and promotion for “Emerald 43000 DWT Bulk Carrier” in Shanghai. There were more than 120 representatives from ship owners, shipyards, Classification Societies, brokers, media and suppliers attending the meeting. In the meeting, Shanghai Bestway mainly made an explanation on the trial result of Emerald 39000DWT bulk carrier, and also introduced the optimized Emerald 43000DWT bulk carrier.

This Emerald 39000 DWT green bulk cargo carrier is the first built carrier in Emerald series. This series is designed by Bestway, applying with the new green design concept, which meets the needs of the current shipping market. This ship type is 179.9 M long, 30M wide, and the depth is 14.8M, with a design draft of 9.5M, service voyage speed of 14knots and daily fuel consumption of 18.37 tons. The trial report of the first built vessel proves that all performance index meets the design requirement. Through speed measuring institution’s strict test, the carrier’s designed draft speed is 14.08 knots. Her daily fuel consumption is 17.6 tons. The daily fuel consumption is only 11.0 tons at the economic speed of 12 knots. The EEDI is 4.498, which is 9.5% lower than the Tier II IMO baseline which will be effective in 2020. Shanghai Bestway owns the complete independent intellectual property. This ship type adds an environmental-friendly Emerald to China ship database.

By using the advanced ship design concept, this new generation bulk carrier has advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high safety. This ship has three types, which are open hatch, double skins with bottom side tank, single skin. The general layout is compact and reasonable. There are hydraulic folding hatch cover and crane installed on the carrier, which can conduct high efficient loading and discharging operation; there are mechanical ventilation and CO2 extinguishing system in the cargo hold, which is suitable to carry different cargos such as large size cargo, log, normal bulk cargo and IMSBC code B standard dangerous goods. In addition, this ship type has outstanding ship lines, engines with low fuel oil consumption and low rotational speed, high efficiency propeller and hub vortex absorbed fins. These advantages help the carrier to have lower emission and fuel oil consumption. The new carrier’s EEDI is 25% lower than the IMO reference index. Apart from all these points, 39000 DWT bulk cargo carrier is equipped with ballast water treatment devices, which fully cater to the requirement of the international ballast water convention which will come into force soon.


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