Shanghai Bestway Wins 12000Tons Semi-Submersible Salvage Ship Design Project for Guangzhou Salvage Bureau of MOT

In October 2014, Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.,Ltd won the design contract of two 12000 Tons semi-submersible salvage ship for Guangzhou Salvage Bureau of Ministry of Transport. This is the second time that Shanghai Bestway won the MOT project. In 2012, Shanghai Bestway had signed the design contract of same type ship with Yantai Salvage Bureau of MOT.
This ship has the overall length of 166.60M, molded witdth of 38.8M and depth of 10.90M,whose design speed is 14knots, and of the range of 15000 nautical miles. The ship is equipped with advanced electric propulsion system, DP2 dynamic positioning system, high-accuracy sensor-based system, intelligent control system, as well as strong and fast ballast water regulation system. The single side lift capacity of the ship reaches 12000 tons, while the lift capacity of two ships is 24000 tons. There are two buoyancy tanks installed in the stern part, which help the submerged draft to reach 21.4M. Based on the salvage ability, the ship has semi-submerged ability. By this way, submerged lifting capacity is over 12000 tons. Meanwhile, there is spacious cargo loading deck on the ship. With that the ship can transport oversized cargo. The loading capacity in the stern part is over 8000 tons, and the transverse pull loading module is able to lift cargoes over 10000 tons.
In the future, this ship will be mainly used on the emergent salvage of huge damaged vessels and naval crafts, and the loading and transport of damaged vessels. In the meantime, it can transport super large goods such as huge equipment and steel structure, offshore drilling rigs, stingers, and ship blocks on the sea. By winning this order, it shows that Shanghai Bestway has strong scientific research accumulation and technology ability in the field of salvage engineering ship.

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