Thanksgiving for Past & Set Sailing for Future -Industry Future Technology Development Forum, Capital Market Sharing and Exchanging and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of BESTWAY was successfully held

On October 29, 2021, China Classification Society and BESTWAY jointly organized the “Industry Future Technology Development Forum, Capital Market Sharing and Exchanging and BESTWAY 20th Anniversary Celebration” activities, related government departments and client units , industry colleagues and leaders of investment institutions attended the event. The Industry Future Technology Development Forum was hosted by Mr.Liu Nan, founder […]


The First 4,000HP LNG Powered Platform Supply Vessel was Successfully Delivered

On October 18, 2021, the 4000HP LNG powered platform supply vessel “CNOOC 540” of COSL, designed by Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.,Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of BESTWAY, and built by Qidong Base of Wuhan Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, was successfully delivered. The vessel is the first one of four 4000HP (SPS type) in the order of 12 LNG powered platform supply vessels designed by Bestway Marine […]


The Signing Ceremony of 2+2 800 ton Self-Elevating Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

September 2021, Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ou Yang Marine Engineering Group Co., Ltd. signed the shipbuilding contract of 2 + 2 800 ton Self-Elevating Wind Turbine Installation Vessel in Shanghai. The general manager of Bestway, the executive director of Dajin Heavy Industry Mr. Zhan Jinfeng and the general manager of Shanghai Ouyang Offshore Engineering Mr. Shao Xu attended and signed the contract on behalf of both parties. The 800 ton Self-Elevating WTIV has the advantages of reliability, high economy, and high adaptability of various turbines and multiple types of sea areas. It can meet the installation  requirements of the complex sea conditions and comprehensive seabed geology in  deep & open sea in the era of offshore wind power at par prices. This new generation of deep blue WTIV project will pioneerly propose an overall solution for offshore wind power installation with a unique style in the era of China’s offshore wind power at par  price. Under the theme of carbon  neutrality, Bestway & Ouyang have made the new exploration of innovation in the field of marine engineering.         This project will help the country speed up the  goal of building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and contribute to China’s clean energy industry.      


The Construction Contract Signing Ceremony of 120TEU River-Sea New Energy Hybrid Container Vessel

On September 18, 2021, Taizhou Taichuan Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BESTWAY, and Shanghai Ruilu Shipping Development Co., Ltd. signed the “120TEU River-Sea New Energy Hybrid Container Vessel Construction Contract” in Shanghai. Hang Youbin, general manager of Thai Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and Gu Tao, executive director of Ruilu Shipping, signed the construction contract on behalf of both parties. The 120TEU river-sea new energy ship is a double-hull, double-bottom and open hatch container vessel. It adopts optimized design, applied a number of patented technologies with a large loading capacity. It is suitable for inland waterway terminals and coastal ports. The dedicated line for direct transportation. The ship realizes the dual electric propulsion mode of inland waterways using containerized batteries and diesel generators for marine transportation. While improving transportation efficiency, navigation safety, and reducing transportation costs, the ship has significant energy-saving effects. It has obtained the CCS Green Ship HYBRID notation , to fill in the blank of CCS HYBRID notation for domestic container vessels.


7500 DWT Green Smart Ship Successfully Launched

On August 14, 2021, the 7500DWT green smart ship built for Chang Jiang Shipping Group Freight Co., Ltd.Wassuccessfully launched In JDHI.The project is a model ship of “green smart inland ship innovation project” officially approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in December 2019. In the face of the double negative effects of […]


The 700 ton Self-Elevating Offshore WTIV was successfully delivered

On June 28, 2021, the 700 ton self-elevatingoffshore WTIV designed and built for Tianjin Zhongmu Technology Co., Ltd. by a consortium composed of JDHI, Shanghai Bestway MarineDesign and WMMP, was successfully delivered in Qingdao. Li Weidong, deputy general manager of Huaneng Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd., Kong yuan, general manager of HuanengYantai new energy Co., […]


BESTWAY Joined the Offshore Engineering Industry Blockchain Alliance (CSBC) as a Council Member

On April 28, 2021, the data sharing Summit Forum of ship and offshore engineering industry and the inaugural meeting of ship and offshore engineering industry blockchain Alliance (CSBC) hosted by China Classification Society (CCS) were successfully held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Leaders and experts from the national industry and information security center, China information and […]